Get familiar with the following terms:

IP warming

Opt-in lists

In-boxing rate

no cold emails

no cold texts / SMS

user’s choice to engage / no surprise communications

It’s not classy to anon a communications channel with garbage that doesn’t have value aka cold email and cold sms blasting.

Save your rep, just do good business with offers / ad copy participants have chosen to engage with.

How to establish value in a business email marketing campaign list in 2021 and 2022 and beyond.

For your brand what is your lost leader? Whats your, oh wow, value propositions you are sharing within a networks market channel participants perceptive view…?

Is the formulation of the precepts and ad copy displayed really taking into account the users/clients/benefactors position of engagement and real world solution that has a team dedicated to efficiently delivery quality service so the client feels waited on like in a 5 star restaurant or mansion cellar…?

If you were to take a digital walk through your own offer could you stomach it? If you think its all good, then why not be a user in the experience you are giving others.

I encourage you to do that today with your website or funnel, email, sms blasting offer or whatever.

Don’t be you, be your user. Try to see how your client would see by not knowing anything about what your talking about. ABC, 123 all day.

Just play dumb, it’s OK you get better over time.

If you don’t want to use or find value in your own product or service on the daily then why are you trying to sell anything to anyone? What “Real” story can you share about a product that’s not over embellished, over dramatized or just straight fake. Something that actually happened to us because of the service or product. A real experience that lives in truth and character.

It’s easy to spot a fake. Also, you don’t know what you don’t know and you cant see what you can’t see.

We always need to be perfecting the user interface aka UI technology that merges with your users life to make interactions seem effortless.

Curate a blessed experience with your tribe and clients and you will never have to sell anything a day in your life.

Innovation is a constant. Change is a constant. If you are not doing something new you are doing something wrong.

It’s really not a challenge to provide a good offer and give it responsibly to your extronet participants.

If you are not trying to skate on the service or value people receive in your offerings and your heart is really about the life of your brand/product/aff comm connections etc., then you can enjoy your vocation and not suffer the service end of helping people take advantage of your offer/s and it’s benefits.

When I was younger I was worried more about first impressions, now my considerations are living in the moments of satisfaction my tribe and B2B base feel as last impressions are sweeter and can be always sweeter than first impressions.

It’s up to us to usher divine value, to anticipate the market and focus on sharing solutions to the coming inflation, FUD (fear uncertainty and doubt) or just plain old negative influences from family and friends that think your whack for the venture you find yourself contemplating whatever that is and it takes you off your game.

When delivering quality you simply do not have to sell. Your companies bold assertions and statements of value and follow through can always be felt because you are taking care of the important lives of the people we work with during the most important times in their business’s financial expansion in life.

Being a service worker in my own business I get to see first hand what problems may arise before delegation’s begin then delivering the solution that fixed any bottleneck in the system.

Taking personal responsibility for service fulfillment and not shopping it out keeps you keen to the “actual numbers” that exist in your companies brand metrics and intranet network exchanges.

If you want to play the cheapo cheaperton way of business management and always live in fear of buying a $30 link tracking product because you wont or don’t immediately understand the rhyme or reason or function of the tech and your to intimidated with foreign technical functions to roll up your bio-wet-wear-sleeves then get out of this game now, ASAP. It really isn’t for you.


Everyone knows if you want it done right you gotta do it yourself, rings nowhere else as true as expressed in entrepreneurial-ism.

Just a healthy reminder “YOU ARE ALONE” rarely is someone going to “save you” or invest in you if you don’t have any brand metrics to produce.

Even now as I write this the companies I am helping develop will be all new data sets and metrics with new ad models. The gold data I glean from the digital networks in our domains are leveraged with continuing innovation in our services or products we deliver B2B.

Chair time

Get a $200 chair with $50 rubber wheels and get ready to ride that puppy all the way to the bank. Sit down, jack in, and get lit on your idea or product.

Don’t share anything till you actually put some work into developing an ad concept / mock up or have the item printed from china via alibaba or ali express etc..

Stop talking

The first thing to do is training in the digital tools you need to be successful no matter the business model or network channel with which you plan to engage.

I strongly recommend Vick @ a real hustler that can take punches and keep rolling no matter what. Awesome attitude that dude has. Free 7 part course that will help you understand your potential with no real sale pressure. Anyway it’s FREE so just do it.

When you spend time building on your own domain the content your users consume and you stop using other social and video networks you retain the digital assets and all the rights associated with selling the content you produced without giving your life force away for free on another companies platform.

Don’t waste your time

You offer has to be compelling enough to hand a card or qr scan to someone and they will get a real value proposition from your brand that they just can’t say no to.

Example: If you give me 5 minutes of your time I will give you and a loved one dinner for two at red lobster. No catch, not a joke. Click to find out more.

Servicing the diner is $12.

I am establishing amazing value and a love connection between a market participant and my brand, they may even feel beholden to me as I follow up and make sure they had a nice diner so I can continue the offer/s.

Oh wow what a shocker high percentage conversions are going down for me and my team as 90% of the communications operations for the offers fullfilment are automated.

Would you like to learn more from a kid that got a computer in the late 1900’s and learned to make a very comfortable living in the process.

Stay tuned we have some real link magnets to get your brain juices flowing all the way to the biz-ank.

I’m out,

Planet Earth 2021ish