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Learn how Ai and Automation in brandmetrics help you go beyond repetitive processes to focus on what matters most. Keep in mind creativity and strategic thinking no machine can emulate

AI Privacy and Security FAQs

AI Privacy and Security FAQs

Does Brand Metrics sell my data to OpenAI?

No, Brand Metrics does not sell customer data to OpenAI. Per our API terms with OpenAI, OpenAI does not use any customer data we share with them for service improvements (including model training).

Where does my data go?
Brand Metrics uses two types of AI models: in-house models and third-party sources like OpenAI. In Brand Metrics in-house models, we store customer data within Brand Metrics

When using a third-party source, like OpenAI, Brand Metrics shares your inputs with that source. OpenAI doesn’t use that data to train their models.

Google Domination Package: Your Path to SERP Supremacy

Google Domination Package Review: Your Path to SERP Supremacy

Explore a comprehensive and expansive overview of the Google Domination package. It offers an in-depth look into every aspect of this powerful service. Customizable Hyperlink Click Here